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  1. Thanks, I better leave this decision to my brother
  2. Sorry, my main question is, even if the crack we downloaded is clean, is there a possibility that the Trojan will settle here when the computer gets infected
  3. Thank you all for sparing your precious time for me. I live in Turkey will probably no longer bother him crack one last question and then I'll leave SolidWorks is a lot of time on your computer in there. My brother is a mechanical engineer, it is not up to me to delete it. Is there a possibility that this will cause problems in the future, and when I run a comprehensive scan with Eset, it only detects this now. Can I be sure that I deleted the Trojan? Thank you so much again
  4. Thanks now i understand I wish I knew if it was crack
  5. I am not using any broken files except Solidworks I don't know if Solidworks is crack because my brother downloaded it, is there any way to tell if it's cracked, and if it's not crack I don't have to worry, right?
  6. Thanks for a advice but we realized it was hacktool I don't understand much. Would it be better if I exclude it from scanning?
  7. Eset deleted 2 hacktools a week ago, but they also deleted it, but this one is back and this time not deleted. I will do a full scan with Eset once again, if not, I will manually delete it, my only fear is that the solid is malfunctioning and my files in the solit cannot work. thank you all
  8. İtman says : Based on your posted screenshots, Eset's off-line scan is detecting the Trojan in a .iso file. Unless the .iso file is actually mounted as a virtual drive, there is no way the Trojan can execute. Mentioned that there might be trojans in it
  9. Thank you so much The free version of Eset will expire after 4 days, you said it was a trojan, if I do nothing, will it cause problems in the future?
  10. The computer was infected with a trojan a month ago. I thought I deleted it if there is a possibility of it being a trojan.
  11. Eset had detected and deleted win32 / elevate.exe with real-time protection, and when I performed a comprehensive scan yesterday, eset detected the same extension, there was only the delete option at the end of the scan.When I clicked delete, the computer froze and when I scanned again, I pressed delete again, and this time, although the scan was finished, it was an hour I waited, nothing happened, in short, eset cannot delete it win32 / elevate.exe it is a trojan virus? If I activate automatic deletion while browsing with eset, will it? Most important Even though Eset erased this perception, how did the same perception come about again ?
  12. Thank you very much, I will do a full scan again and if it finds it, I will delete it with eset. This virus was infected 20 days ago. When I deleted it, something new comes out. I want to be completely sure. I hope eset will not disappoint me.
  13. Well, it was first seen in 2018 at the bottom. Has it been on the computer since 2018 or is it related to the trojan?
  14. 2 weeks ago I deleted the trojan on the computer and now it detected as detection. There are 2 options at the end of the scan. Should I delete it or not?
  15. When I did a full scan with eset, it found the same and cleaned it, but when I did a comprehensive scan again, it found the same software as detection, this is my virus and there is clean or delete in the actions option. And is this a virus?
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