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Dear all, I have found out that email notifications, which can be configured in ESET Internet Security via Advanced Setup > Notifications, do not work with all smtp servers.

I tried securesmtp.t-online.de, which did NOT work, and I tried mail.gmx.net, which worked flawlessly.

BTW, this t-online.de server works with Mcrium Reflect but, for one reason or another, it does not work with ESET.

I don't think ESET is to blame for this strange behaviour, but it's odd that this t-online.de server accepts access via Macrium, whereas access to this server via ESET is denied. 

I am not necessarily looking for a solution to this "problem"; I just wanted to tell you about it just in case other users have encountered this stange behaviour.

Cheers, Buddel 


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Since this is something that developers should look into in order to determine the root cause, I'd recommend contacting your local distributor and opening a support case. An advanced network protection log or a Wireshark pcap log from time when the issue occurred will be needed.

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Thanks for your reply, Marcos. Much appreciated. As mentioned above, it's not a big deal, so there is probably no need to open a support ticket, at least not for the time being. Apart from that, I do think ESET developers won't find it difficult to reproduce this server-related issue. I just wanted to let you know about this smtp server issue. Again, thanks very much for your help.

Best wishes,

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