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Now I use ESET Endpoint security version 6.4.2014.0 (Total 160 PC) and ESET remote administrator (Version 


I plan to change version 8.0. my plan is as follows:


I use the new PC with windows 10 which install ESET Protect to act as server.


In user PC (for windows 7), I uninstall old agent & endpoint security version 6.4.xx. Then, I install windows patch (kb4474419, kb4490628). Then, I install new agent ver 8.0 and Endpoint security ver 8.0.


My question is how to move the license from old server to the new one?

Do I need to deactivate the license in user PC one by one?


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  • ESET Staff


ESET License is bond to the activated endpoints, not to the server. So what you can do is the following:

  1. Install the new ESET PROTECT server (please note, that installing it on a Desktop Windows machine might be against Microsoft licensing policies)
  2. Add your license there
  3. Uninstall the endpoint / agent from the PC (if you do a standard "uninstall", it should also "free the license" seat for that particular computer 
  4. Install the new agent / endpoint (regardless of the method used for installation, you can either activate it during of after installation, or add the license in the installation package, if you will use All In One installer generated from your new ESET PROTECT 

In case your license count will not match with the amount of PCs installed / managed in your ESET Protect server, you can login to ESET Business Account (or License Administrator, if you use that one), and manually remove devices which have not been correctly deactivated (have not connected for a longer time period for example). 

Hope that this helps,


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