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Virus database can not be updated

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I was wondering if there are any issues with the update servers? I just can't seem to update the virus database to the latest one, 9962, on both my PC and laptop.


I am running ESET Smart Security 6 on my PC and laptop and both can not update to the latest virus database. When I try to manually update the database it just doesn't do anything and says the database is up-to-date.


My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, my laptop is running Windows 8 32-bit.


Can someone tell me if there are any issues, or has the same problem? Almost two hours ago I also noticed these forums were down, so maybe something is going on?


Thank you in advance.

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Updates are temporarily suspended due to an issue reported from several clients on Windows 2000 which is now being investigated.

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Question: how users will be protected if new user cant dowload all database and also current users cant be protected because there is Update 9962 (20140618)

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