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I think my system was hacked, what now?

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I checked my log on eset this morning and this is what I saw -

I did not have any idea who or what this NT/authority was but I found out it is the system root access point above admin accounts, if I understood correctly. I only have one admin/user on the system.

There are a few examples like this. If there is communication with domains blacklisted for phishing scams form root user then I guess I should be worried. I removed the app that was causing the problem but I am most concerned about whether this risk extends to other devices on the network.


What steps should I take?


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Probably it's the Luminati proxy application which runs under the system account and another machine connecting via the proxy accessed the blocked url.

It's a perfectly normal detection, no sign of hacking there.

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Ah, ok yes that makes sense. I knew there would be mutual resource allocation but what I didn't know or agree to was they would allow server components to access my IP / bandwidth when there front end app isn't even running - haven't connected in about 5 days. Isn't that basically backend malware?

Anyway, great little discovery for me there with your software. Thanks

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