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  1. I need cover for two devices right now. In three-six months time possibly up to three more devices. Can I still get the multi-device/multi-discount offer for the additional devices as and when you need them or do you have to buy a license for all five devices at one time?
  2. OK, I found out that belongs to the IT guy that setup the subscription. I guess i’ll get him to sort it. Shame I don’t even have control over my own local myeset account here though.
  3. Is that synced to the myeset account? That shouldn’t be what’s synced to the myeset account it should be a personal account. Is there anyway you can indicate what email is linked to the myeset using my activation key?
  4. Just to add: or is there a way to find out what email is synced to myset if it makes it easier? Thanks Edit: OK wait I found it: 33B-2S3-3AK. Apologies for the confusion!
  5. I was given a username (and a password) which is: EAV-0135255843. No idea where I'm supposed to login with this though? I just tried setting up a myeset account and it said my activation key is linked to another account? Which is odd as cannot recollect setting one up in the past. As for public ID, I can't see one here. It just username, password and license key. I'm stuck. Should I PM you the license key if it helps?
  6. Oh yeah I see that now, there's a separate section for Mac customers. I will post there instead?
  7. Just to add to this. I found out that the error is apparently due to an overuse of the license even though it's currently only active on two devices right now and I have no idea how to manage/remove obsolete activations (if their are any). Any advice?
  8. Hello, I'm getting this error when I try to activate my license (please see attached): How to resolve? Thanks
  9. That was very interesting. Just to elaborate, im not a cybersecurity professional - the use case here is to observe and software features and architecture and programming under the hood, as a student, but its the source/repos that im not too sure of, even though they are premium solutions. Although I have a separate isolated hardware set-up for this work than to my ‘daily drivers’ (so I can literally just bin the hardware if things go seriously troublesome) the lan is the same, so my main concern is to protect the network. Ideally I need to contain the installed desktop/web apps and be able to force bridged connections from system wide VPN on host OS to the guest so that any nefarious snooping via malicious applications will not find wi-fi gateway or know my local ip. Im being extremely cautious but thats just for the sake of everyone else on the network!
  10. I am currently using eset’s smart security premium plan, however I wondered whether there is any add-on programmes or recommendation for containment technology so end users can run virtualised browser instances and downloads within a sandbox on their device for analysis? Something comparable to this - https://help.comodo.com/topic-72-1-451-4739-.html
  11. What I like about glasswire is that the is a small pop-up box that actively shows you the domains and ips of the servers sending/requesting data from your device. Is there a way to proactively monitor network traffic on eset this way?
  12. With wordpress in mind more specifically. I tried to look but couldn’t find any relevant solution. According to w3techs.com wordpress is now even more used than even custom coded sites with a market share just short of 40%.. So with this in mind, I was wondering whether there is a solution for the wordpress community I might have overlooked or whether there is a plugin solution such as a waf/cloud scanner in the works?
  13. Hi, I wasn't really interested in a secondary scanner as I have one (MB) (unless HMP can be used as a tertiary scanner 😉) I just needed a complimentary standalone anti-keylogger. There's not much on the market but I found one called guardedid which I think looks decent enough. Thanks for the input 🙂
  14. ok i'm not quite sure it's a full on antivirus software, but it's something along those lines, it's called hitmanproalert, does anyone know if this is known to cause conflict with eset background real-time scanning? Just out of interest if it is known to causes problem i was wondering if any security professionals know of a standalone anti-keylogger they would be kind enough to recommend (if its allowed here)
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