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Internet Issues?

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Within the last 2 months, I've had 2 instances on 2 separate laptop computers where they stopped recognizing the internet, both with wireless and and ethernet connections.   Even doing system restores  to earlier points would not fix the problem, only a complete computer reset was able to fix it on the second computer. 

 I noticed that after I did a system restore to a few days earlier, ESET told me it was up to date for the present date.    I'm wondering if ESET was causing my  internet problems, because in my mind it wouldn't be able to be up to date without an internet connection.   I have read that anti-virus software can cause this to happen.   

 I haven't  reinstalled ESET after I reset the computer out of fear this will happen again, and so far I haven't had any internet connection problems.  If I reinstall ESET, and the problem recurs how do you recommend I handle it? 



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Should the issue occur again, try the following, one at a time, and let us know about your findings:
- pausing firewall
- disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup
- temporarily uninstalling ESET.

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