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No detection this Virus after 2days

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Hi dear ESET Moderators.


Our network is infected with a virus that we send it to samples@eset.com but after 48 Hours we had no answers and virus is undetected.


Sorry for Attaching samples here but we have not any other way. over 200 Pcs of our company are infected !!!


VT report of this sample :



Pass : infected



Why ESET do not reply mail that we send to samples@eset.com ?

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The file has been analysed and turned out to be corrupted and non-functional. It has a bad EP, no imports, etc. What makes you think that the computers are infected? This file (dcim.exe) shouldn't be running at all.

If you think that the computers are infected, please submit the output of running ESET Log Collector to samples[at]eset.com along with a description of the issue as well as reasons that make you believe the computer is infected.

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