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"Idle-State Scan" policy has no effect

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Recently I changed our EES policy to run Idle-state scan.:


I can see in the EES GUI that the policy is effective, but no scans are happening.

Just in case I made the same changes to our Agent policy. Still no effect.

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?

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Additional Information

  • Version of ERA    7.2.2236.0
  • OS of ERA Server:    Virtual Appliance
  • OS of Client device:    Win 10 Pro 64
  • Management Agent    7.2.1266.0
  • EES    7.3.2041.0
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I did not enable logging. I am simply judging by the fact that the last scan time does not change inspite of giving in ample opportunity to run.

The screenshot you asked for looks like this:


But that probably does not mean much with logging turned off.

I will turn logging on and see if there is something to be learned there.

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It seems a bit strange to me, but after adding logging to the policy I now see that computers are being scanned on the ESMC dashboard and also in the log file on my test pc. Does that mean that computers were being scanned but because logging was off ESMC did not find out about it?

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