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Migrate password store to new computer

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I am building a new Windows 10 computer and I'm going to transfer my ESET Smart Security licence to the new machine and take it off the old one.  Does this also migrate my existing password store and settings, and if not how do I do this please?

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Hello @Astroman,

When it comes to ESET settings, you may export them to a file and import on your new PC, the process is very easy and is described at https://support.eset.com/en/kb3133-import-or-export-eset-configuration-settings-using-an-xml-file

When it comes to the ESET password store, with a valid license it is being synced to a server so migration is supported, to be sure I would export it as well.

P.S. congratulations to your new PC 🙂


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