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incoming mail disappear


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a friend receives email from me which immediately disappears.

no other senders email have this problem

she can email me with no problems

this is a very recent thing.

we have checked outlook and they say its not their problem.


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yes she has eset.

she has also been bombarded by emails from everywhere and is trying to use ESET to block them.

My original thought was i got included in the blocking but there is no mention of me in exceptions or blacklist.

i am in her whitelist.

do you mean actually uninstalling and reinstalling eset or simply disabling it temp.

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pausing eset did not solve problem

the message appeared in inbox, incoming message showed up and it immediately disappeared and an undeliverable 

message went to her bulk mail folder

looks like eset is not the problem 


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ESET can only move email to specific folders only if malware was detected or if an email was evaluated as spam provided that a supported email client is used (typically MS Outlook). If you don't use a supported email client, there's no chance that ESET could move emails.

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