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ESET Endpoint products for Windows version 7.3.2039

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Mamagement Console says that version 7.3.2032.0 is outdated. But when i'm trying to update to newest version from repository, and it is visible in the repository list. 

Then i choose Ok and Update i got error that Selected repository package is not available.

That is all polish language versions.

I have noticed that there is no polish language version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2039  in repository list when browsing from Install Software action, why?

That is maybe why update process can't find correct package, because update process is searching for the same language that is already installed?.


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Strange thing. Today 



But when i remove the lang filter there is fewer on the list than yesterday.


Is there any way to reset repository?

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Please post information about the installed version of the ESMC server and modules that is available under Help -> About in the console.

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I found a solution.

Downgrading to  mysql-connector-odbc                                 5.3.14-1.el7 

All is displayed correctly.

I think you guys and girls in ESET are doing a good job but please fix that damn ODBC-Connector.

That is second time something is wrong because of this.

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