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  1. Hello. After updating to ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.2 (7.2.2236.0) ESET Security Management Center (Webconsole), Version 7.2 ( I have many clients that are blank, no info about system, IP, versions, those clients looks like have beed just added. Why? Many clients have yellow background , that means there are some issues but showing their details list, the list is empty.
  2. I found a solution. Downgrading to mysql-connector-odbc 5.3.14-1.el7 All is displayed correctly. I think you guys and girls in ESET are doing a good job but please fix that damn ODBC-Connector. That is second time something is wrong because of this.
  3. Strange thing. Today But when i remove the lang filter there is fewer on the list than yesterday. Is there any way to reset repository?
  4. Hi. Mamagement Console says that version 7.3.2032.0 is outdated. But when i'm trying to update to newest version from repository, and it is visible in the repository list. Then i choose Ok and Update i got error that Selected repository package is not available. That is all polish language versions. I have noticed that there is no polish language version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2039 in repository list when browsing from Install Software action, why? That is maybe why update process can't find correct package, because update process is searching for the same language that is already installed?.
  5. I got Certificate-chain errors after system update. Please guys come on. At least write something. A lot of things are not working as should.
  6. Hello. I have a fresh mdm virtual machine from OVA under VMWARE and everything was working ok until linux system update. After that error message shows: HTTPS certificate chain is incomplete. Enrollment is not allowed. Please tell me how to resolve that.
  7. Hi. I downloaded ERA OVA image and created a virtual machine under VMWARE. How to switch all devices to new server? Is there a way of doing that?
  8. I have MDM server on 3rd party CA certificate. Devices are enrolled ok, with no errors, last connect time is ok and updating, but nothing more android are not getting any policies and dont update their status, i stiil can see administrator password not set and device not activated in allerts messages. When you look on eset mobile security on android it shows everything OK and even when licence expires.
  9. Windows 10 or Windows 7 and Apache Proxy for clients and agents. Config done according to your guides. Everything updated to newest versions! The same problem in our network. Modules update failed. I tested two diffrent http proxies one on windows and now on linux. Some clients have access to internet some dont have access, does not matter, updates are not working.
  10. Hello. I can't add any mobile device because of message: "Enrollment has failed: Cannot allocate enough enrollement links. Please try again later in a few minutes until they are replicated." FIXED.
  11. No it is not valid anymore. Was valid until. 16 march 2017.
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