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Sleep mode and weekly scan


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Hi everyone,

I have a new machine I built running windows 7 x64. I created a scheduled task to run at 1:00AM each Saturday. Today I noticed it did not run, so I right-clicked the task and started the scan manually. I left to go do some other things outside for a few hours, but when I returned I noticed the PC was asleep and the scan was stopped.


In Device Manager for the ethernet controller, I have "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" unchecked,  "Allow this device to wake the computer" unchecked, and "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" checked. Maybe this is not the place to have it, but I changed the default because I have a desktop and not a laptop. I also need the ability for someone else on the network to wake this computer up if they browse for a file.


So, I'm not sure what settings I need to adjust to keep the weekly scan going and not putting the pc to sleep mode. Yes, I could turn off the sleep mode, but I like it on to save power when not in use.

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