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  1. I downloaded your beta version 10 in a virtual machine with windows 8.1 x86. I had to install over 100 updates to 8.1. Had no problem with the updates with your beta version. I'm going to continue to play with it some more, but so far it seems to work just fine compared to version 9. After I installed it, it performed a scan of a fresh install of 8.1 Seemed to take a while considering it was a fresh install but on a virtual machine. That may explain the time. I should have made a note on some of the executables that it would not hang on, but take a longer time to complete the scan. The GUI is pretty much the same as 8 with some minor tweaks. My license is up in March I think, so if 10 continues to work fine, I just may stay with ESET using version 10.
  2. If you are having issues with v9, please let us know. We do our best to address any issues that our users report. As for Banking and payment protection, this is a new thing in v9 so you couldn't have issues with it while using v8. It's possible to temporarily disable Banking and payment protection while the issue is being investigated and possibly addressed via a module or program update. Also v9 has SSL scanning enabled by default for even better protection which was disabled in v8 and older versions by default. Again, one can create an exception or temporarily disable SSL scanning if nothing helps while the issue is being investigated at ESET. The most important thing is to let us know about issues that you encounter and we encourage you to do so As for the upgrade offer you're getting with v8, we will consider changes in this regard so that v8 users can continue using it without being nagged for the next year until another version of ESET's products becomes available. I guess you did not read my post closely - I tried version 9 for one day by upgrading from 8. After several attempts to fix issues, I decided to simply go back to 8 which works just fine.
  3. Looks like I'll be moving to something else also. I've been a 6 user license for 6+ years. I don't want to be nagged to upgrade like windows 10. I currently have version 8 and it works great. Version 9 sucks. I tried it for a day, and had to go back to 8 due to the issues of logging into sites such as my bank. I never received resolution to my issues so I stayed with 8.
  4. What is th EXE file that needs to be executed to run including any options?
  5. What is th EXE file that needs to be executed to run including any options?
  6. Thanks a bunch for that link. I'll try it again for this coming Saturday.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a new machine I built running windows 7 x64. I created a scheduled task to run at 1:00AM each Saturday. Today I noticed it did not run, so I right-clicked the task and started the scan manually. I left to go do some other things outside for a few hours, but when I returned I noticed the PC was asleep and the scan was stopped. In Device Manager for the ethernet controller, I have "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" unchecked, "Allow this device to wake the computer" unchecked, and "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" checked. Maybe this is not the place to have it, but I changed the default because I have a desktop and not a laptop. I also need the ability for someone else on the network to wake this computer up if they browse for a file. So, I'm not sure what settings I need to adjust to keep the weekly scan going and not putting the pc to sleep mode. Yes, I could turn off the sleep mode, but I like it on to save power when not in use.
  8. Maybe it's because you are next to the server? Thanks for the link SweX. Maybe the page where the live options is should be the link that SweX posted. EDIT: trying the link and it's also slow. It's going to take over 1 hour for the dowload.
  9. Why does it take over 2 hours to download NO32 using Live Update? I just renewed my license and added 2 more for a total of 5 licenses. I downloaded the live update, it was the only option, and it so slow like being on a modem LOL. I have a FIOS internet connection with 50mb down and 25 up. Everything else loads fast including other downloads.
  10. Still the same issue with me using the new v7. I upgraded from v4 and never had an issue. I may have to dump version 7 and go back to v4 or find a different AV app since this issue continues now for over a year with no real solution.
  11. OK. Thanks all for the replies. So let me see if I have this correct: 1. Download the trial version of 7 and use my user name and serial number? 2. Uninstall version 4 3. Do I need to remove the mbam.sys driver? 4. Install new version 7
  12. Hi, I'm on XP with SP3 using v4.2.71.2. Is there any value in upgrading to version 6 or 7? I have a 3 user license. The other 2 pc's are running Windows 7 with version 6 installed. If there is, do I need to uninstall version 4 prior to the ugrade? NOTE: I downgraded back to version 4.x because version 5 had the issue with external USB drives locking up the pc. There was an old topic on this back on the wilderssecurity forums discussing the issue. I do have the malwarebytes driver (mbam.sys) in my \driver32 folder.
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