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Domains false positive

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Hello ESET team,

We have integrated with VirusTotal and we take the domain security very seriously in order to provide quality services. This year we have received some anxious reports that our advertising delivery domain was marked as suspicious\malware.

We have tried to solve this issue a bunch of times by contacting the ESET team, calls, creating cases, yet haven't received any comprehensive info regarding the markings.

Cases №0001364707 and №0001367549 has not been resolved and the team doesn't respond even. samples@eset.com - is like a dead end, every request our team was sent there has not been reviewed.

Meanwhile, we have many more domains that was marked as malware\suspicious, yet they seem pose no threat to users.

terrapsps.com - Eset Susupicious
terrasdsdstd.com - Eset Malware
slideff.com - Eset Malware
moradu.com - ESET Malware
iociley.com - Eset Susupicious
exofrwe.com - Eset Malware
tslomhfys.com - Eset Susupicious
joredi.com - ESET Malware
yoredi.com - ESET Malware
rusenov.com - Eset Susupicious
iddpop.com - Eset Malware
ioredi.com - - ESET Malware
drjgjngf.com - ESET Malware

Ad delivery domains are used to serve ads to users.

We're asking for the assistance in solving these cases.

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Since this forum is not a channel for disputing detections and url blocks. we'll draw this topic to a close.

Only the security malware lab is entitled to make decisions about url blocks. In this case, the blocks appear to be ok. Aggressive or misleading ads are subject to detection as well.

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