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Unable to upload file from quarantine

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Hello all,

Has anyone been able to use the task of uploading a quarantined file to a smb share?

  I have a share setup that is guest writable. confirmed I could write the file without authentication from the pc and another linux box. 

When I create a task to upload a file it fails, looking at the trace.log file I see this : CWinEssQuarantineUploadTask: Upload quarantine file failed with 12000

and no other message about it.

I create the task as server \\servername\sharename and leave all other fields blank on the task.



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26 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Did you specify the username and password of an account with RW permissions to the share?

I have the share as completely anonymous with RW that works from any device to write a file which I have tested.

I've also just created a new share and setup a username and password , specified it in the task and the job still fails with the same error 12000

I don't see any attempts from the PC the task is running on try to access the share on the firewall logging either. 



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