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Blocking of incoming IPs on my FTP server

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I can't find where to type the rule to accept incoming calls from other IPs to my FTP server.
Eset blocks all calls coming to the FTP server and I can (only temporarily unblock one IP only) - as shown in the attached screenshots.
How and where to enter the rule to allow the FTP server to communicate with different IPs?




It is highly depressing that the explanations in ESET help sometimes show completely different interfaces!



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This rule that troubleshoot wizard has created , you can edit and remove the IP Address from there that will make it open from all areas to your FTP port ( I can't know what is the port )  , or for more secure access , only allow the IP addresses that should be allowed and the rest to be blocked , so you don't have some bots trying to brute-force you.

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Do you use active or passive FTP? If the former, you'll have to open communication on port 20 as well. In case of passive FTP, communication on local ports > 1023 needs to be allowed besides port 21.

For more information, see https://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html for instance.

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