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Migration from windows 10 to ESMC OVA

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Trying to figure out correct process on how to migrate MSP from his Windows 10 box to the ESET ESMC Virtual appliance. The machines that are currently connecting in are connecting to a static WAN IP address. MSP wants to migrate them over to his fully registered domain name. I imported the CA and Server cert into the OVA and restarted the box. Created a migration policy and tested one workstation to move to the new hostanme (FQDN) but machine would still connect to old ESMC on widows 10 machine. I assumed that ports would need to be changed so on the OVA I went into server settings and changed to 3333 and 3334 for agent and web console and restarted appliance. After restart of appliance I am not able to log back into web console and getting "State not connected". IS there any config file we need to modify to change to 3333 and 3334? 

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