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Deploy remote agent with Intune

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Now that many of my customers are moving away from on premise servers I need to be able to deploy the Eset Remote Management Agent via Microsoft Intune.

Usually I would do this from Group Policy but Intune, as you probably know, works differently to this. 

I have tried creating an All in One installer and wrapping it up as an MSI but this doesn't get installed, probably due to multiple product IDs within one MSI.
I can't use the standard agent_x64.msi as there is no way to accommodate the install_config.ini within Intune.
Intune will allow scripts to deploy software but these need to be powershell .ps1 and I can only download ESMCAgentInstaller.bat

Not sure if there are any other options I'm missing, so does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I have no idea how to convert a .bat to .ps1 successfully

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  • ESET Staff

Any chance you considered writing your own PS script? It just has to download mentioned all-in-one installer or bat-installer from some shared storage or internal HTTP servers and executed it. Or it is not possible to do so using Intune?

Also all parameters as can be seen in install_config.ini can be provided directly as parameters to msiexec, would that be enough, i.e is it possible to install MSI with parameters?

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