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Issues with logging of Scheduled Scans

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We're currently using Eset File Security on a bunch of windows 2012R2 / 2016 servers
With the ESet Security Management Center managing the policies / updates etc
The one I've been testing with is using the latest version of File Security - 7.1.12008.0

A scan that is manually triggered seems fine
But a scan that is triggered via a schedule does not appear to show in the logs at all


Looking at the schedule this is fine so far (set via a policy setting which I tried deleting and re-creating for info), the scheduled scan is at the bottom of the list set for midnight



Next I watched and saw that the scan did actually run at midnight and shows up under the scan tab

so far so good.



Next lets click on "Show log" to see what shows

Hmm the date on that log isn't correct, almost as if it's just picking a different log at random



Next lets look at the Log window

What we're actually seeing at the top is the last time I did a manual scan not a scheduled one, the scheduled one doesn't appear to be listed



Checking the Security Management center, it appears to be showing the date of the last manual scan, not the scheduled scan



Typically for PCI purposes we need to show the auditor that we've been running scans each day so the logs are kind of important in this regard.

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This is a known bug which will be addressed in the next service release of Endpoint v7.

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Hi Richard,

There is a known bug in creation of new log files (wrong file number generation) that causes new log files to not be created.

As a temporary workaround we suggest removing all old scan logs.

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