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View log after crash of EOS

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Hi there,

as a company we usually run ESET Endpoint AV with an ESMC-Server in the background.

However it seems we missed the rollout on one particular PC that recently had the issue of constantly working with 100% CPU usage. After killing tasks and several restarts (nothing worked, also nothing visible in the task manager that could cause the heavy CPU load) I decided to run EOS before installing our usual AV.

Because of the load I had it run over night and it wasn't done the next morning. Around 15 hours later when I checked on the PC I was greeted with the Windows typical "Eset Online Scanner doesn't work anymore" message. But: It seems it fixed the issue, hence I assume there was a mining program doing its work.

Now I wonder: Is there any way to check what ESET found before it crashed hard? The logfiles are cut off, but there are quarantined files in the appdata folder. Any way to view them in any way?

This is everything there is in the log:

16:24:08 # product=EOS
# version=8
# ESETOnlineScanner_DEU.exe=
# country="Germany"
# lang=1031
16:31:23 Updating
16:31:23 Update Init
16:31:51 Update Download
17:02:33 esets_scanner_reload returned 0
17:02:33 g_uiModuleBuild: 44410
17:02:33 Update Finalize
17:02:33 Call m_esets_charon_send
17:02:33 Call m_esets_charon_destroy
17:02:34 Updated modules version: 44410
17:07:18 Scanner engine: 44410

I know that usually the found objects should follow in the logs.



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