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I had a license in my ESET Business Account for 20 Users, they were installed on 20 Laptops and worked just fine. Now the License is expired, i bought new one with another email, but in the same Business Account.

How can i change the License to the new one, currently the 20 Users have no license because the old one expired and the new one has 20 of 20 free but is not in use. When i click on the Computer and press activate license the Client tries to reconnect to the old license. There is no button to change to the new one.

Do i have to uninstall the ESET and reinstall with the installationprogram of the new one on all 20 Laptops ?

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In Cloud Administrator create a Task to renew the client license.

After next restart License on the Client has changed.

Regarding this issue. KB3598

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Normally if a license is just renewed, the license key remains same and there's no need to do re-activate clients or do anything special whatsoever. You just renew the license and that's it.

If you have purchased a new license and obtained a new license key, simply add it to EBA and send a product activation task from ESMC to clients with the new license selected in task details.

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