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Can not migrate license from ELA to EBA

Alex MIB

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I try to migrate a license from ELA to EBA, but I get this error:
Unable to associate license.


I also receive a license transfer confirmation email but by clicking on the link in this email, I get this error message:

We were unable to associate email 
Token was expired



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  • ESET Staff

Hello, sorry for the late response. I was informed by the team, that this looks like a problem of your antispam / antiphishing solution, that somehow performs "link inspection" upon arrival of the e-mail, and clicks on the link on the behalf of the user. Link is completely Ok, however once clicked on, it expires, and effectively locks you out for the license migration. 

But I am glad that the issue resolved itself. 

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  • Administrators

Please contact your local ESET distributor. The problem appears to be that your licenses are registered to 2 email addresses which is not allowed and the distributor must fix it on files.

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