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error win.1625

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Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector. Feel free to upload the generated archive here since only ESET staff has permissions to access attachments.

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This error can occur if Group Policy has been set to prevent software installations: https://www.sync.com/help/installation-error-1625/ . Is the device a home computer or one used in your work place? If the later, your system admin has configured your work computer to prevent user installation of software. Also if you're  logged on as a standard user versus default limited admin, you don't have sufficient privileges to install software. Log on using the limited admin account.

This error can also occur for:

1. A corrupted or not validity signed download.

2. The Win installer program is corrupted or components it uses; e.g. registry entries, are corrupted.

3. Resident malware exists on the device that is preventing the installation.

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