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Interested in ESET, but concerned on purchase security


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I apologize upfront if this is not the place to ask this question, but I've looked through ESET's FAQ and couldn't find any mention of this. Hope to find an answer here.

A friend of mine from the UK highly recommended ESET Nod32 to me as a good antivirus that's light on my computer. However I am from Malaysia, and when I went to the official link to purchase ESET Nod32 in Malaysia the site was not secure. I don't feel comfortable putting my personal details + payment details into a not secure site, and I've checked my usual places for a physical box of ESET Nod32 but they don't stock it. Is it possible for me to purchase ESET Nod32 from another country's website ie. Singapore, and use/activate that license in Malaysia? Or is my only recourse to purchase from the official, not secure site?

Thank you.

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Distributors in various countries have been moving to a unified e-store so this should be moved soon too. I'd recommend contacting your local distributor for details.

While the current e-store is not available via https, I was redirected to a secure online payment site in the end:image.png

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