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ESET Endpoint Web Control not working as expected

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We are applying a custom policy for web control where we allow specific URL's and after that we block a Category Group

The problem we are facing is that, if the allowed url belongs to a blocked Category, the user can't access that url.

From the documentation found HERE, this is not the expected behaviour and the user should be able to access the URL as they are evaluated first.

With the settings example bellow, we are unable to access WINESTUFF.PT because it's being blocked by the category based rule where we block "Alcohol and Tobacco" related sites.







Can anyone explain if I'm doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance


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Web Control doesn't support wildcards, please remove them and try again (ie. use "europa.eu" and "gov.pt"). Rules are evaluated in the order they appear in the list; if the first rule is matched, the other rules are not evaluated.

Also I'd check rules directly on the client to make sure the policy was applied correctly.

For me the following works as expected:




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