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configuring ESET Endpoint update through server

Mohamed Maz

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We''ve recently configured ERA 7.0 and deployed the remote clients but all the clients are getting the updates from Internet directly rather through server, kindly advice to change so all the clients should contact server to get the updates.

Thanks in advance

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We recommend installing HTTP Proxy (is also a part of the ESMC All-in-one installer) and using it to cache update files, installers and possibly EDTD data as well.

With an http proxy installed, create policies for agent and the security product that will have the proxy server set up. If HTTP Proxy is installed with the AiO installer or enabled while deploying the virtual appliance, all policies will have the proxy server already pre-configured.

Alternatively you can use the Mirror tool to create a mirror and then distribute it using some http server for instance, however, using an http proxy is preferred as it will save you a lot of Internet traffic and has other benefits as well, such as caching streamed updates which is not possible with a mirror.

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