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Online scanner finds virus in autoruns, says it is cleaned, but it comes back.

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Hi, there.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give. 

I just used the free Eset Online Scanner.  Wasn't even sure I would find a virus, but was concerned about frequent dllhost.exe files appearing under svchost.exe, according to ProcessExplorer.   Occasionally there is an Explorer.exe file running there, as well. 

The Online Scanner notified me that it found a virus in my Autoruns and cleaned it.  However, it did not identify the virus, and when I run the scanner again, it finds it all over again.  

Can you help me figure out what this is and how to fix it, please?

Thanks very much. 


Windows 7 64-bit computer

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First of all, please install ESET Internet Security, activate a trial license and run a full disk scan. ESET Online Scanner performs only an on-demand scan of disks and cannot actively protect your system and prevent it from being infected by malware.

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