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Sync Issues on shared mailboxes

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Just started using ESET Mail security on an in house Exchange server.

First we installed it onto our existing Exchange 2010 box. Immediately noticed that almost all emails that come in to a shared mailbox generate a sync issue. As we were about to install a new Exchange server, we left that alone.

Installed it then to a Exchange 2019 server, and this was a clean install to a new domain, not a migration in any way. Same problem. This also included a clean install of the client and their user, outlook and mail profiles.

Forums say that it was a version 6 problem, and 7.1 will revamp the scanning and solve all the sync issues. We're running 7.1, have done from day 1, so there is no upgrade going on here either.

Annoying getting 40-50 sync issues each day, as we primarily use shared mailboxes.

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The new Outlook plug-in will be most likely included in Endpoint v7.2. If email is scanned by ESET on MS Exchange, you could disable the plug-in on clients until then.

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