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ESET File protection (windows server) Restart required loop


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We have ESMC deployed as a windows server and are currently seeing a batch of windows server clients stuck in a "reboot is required" state that nothing seems to resolve.  The only resolution that works is to either manually uninstall and clean install or to attempt a repair install from control panel.

Rebooting the servers from the server os doesn't help, rebooting from the ESET notification doesn't help, rebooting from an action created in ESMC also has no effect.  I see a bunch of similar threads that are all closed with absolutely no resolution or support.

Can anyone explain what's going on as I've got 30 servers stuck in this state and about 300 that are fine.

Version that seems to be the issue is 7.1.12006.0 which doesn't even appear to be the current version as I also have 7.0.12018.0 systems that aren't seeing this at all and a few  7.1.12006.0 that have updated with no issues.  All deployment tasks are set to reboot if required.

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On 8/30/2019 at 3:07 PM, Marcos said:

Couldn't it be that the troublesome machines fall into a dynamic group with a task to install Endpoint assigned?


I do not believe this to be what's taking place. the ERA is actually configured to only push antivirus installs to servers that show up in a custom dynamic group and meet the criteria that they: 1) have the agent already installed 2)have no antivirus product.

The servers showing the issue (restart required message never goes away) are a mix of systems that were already deployed and updated, as well as freshly deployed systems that had the agent but no av, so the dynamic group pushed the install of File Protection, or they were created from a master clone with the AV and agent already installed.

There does not appear to be anything I can point at that relates the systems showing this issue.  So far Repair install on File protection will work, as well as completely uninstalling and re-installing the AV software. 

Restarts, of any method, do nothing.


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