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No scan logs, scheduler says run


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I setup weekly full drive scans. When I look at scan logs, It shows the last run was on July 23, with log records for many previous weeks. It is set to run every Tuesday at 3AM. However, there is no log for July 30, Aug 6 or Aug 13. Prior to that there were logs for every week. I never turn the computer off.

When I look at the scheduler, it says the last scan was on Aug 13. So, was it run then and no log made? or was it run and failed?

The event log doesn't seem to record scans. I can find no log of a failed run.

So what is happening? Is the scan not getting run, and a log not being recorded, or is the scan not getting run, or started and failing?

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Try deleting the scan task and re-creating it from scratch. If that doesn't help, please raise a support ticket with your local customer care.

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