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Nod32 antivirus disconnects wireless internet


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Hi guys,

I don't know if you met this issue or not, but it's really starting to annoy me and that's why I started to investigate.

Few times per day, my wifi Internet connection stops working and I have to disconnect and reconnect to my wireless network. This is not a really big issue, but if I'm on a video on youtube, this is happening every ~3-5 minutes. I tried to fix this issue in many ways by stopping the power saver of the wifi, updating the drivers etc. But none of these worked, when suddenly, by googleing, I found this topic which was close:


 I said ok, it can be because of my nod32 antivirus and I just pause the protection for 10 minutes and start youtube. The internet connection didn't stop and all was great. After 10 minutes when the antivirus started again, the connection was affected. This time, but just pausing the protection again, the connection was back (usually I had to disconnect from wireless network and reconnect). 

I have a Lenovo T440p running windows 10 x64, nod32 v12 (but for sure, this happened for older versions also).

Did you meet this issue? Is there just a settings in the software?


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Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference? I'd suggest opening a ticket for your local customer care to troubleshoot the issue further.

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