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ESET NOD32 Antivirus misreading of the hazards

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misreading of the threats, the continuing version of the program reads the trivial threats when it was still farther failed when I have the paid version I had to seek support after this anti slag unfortunately failed me for some time from 4 finds a threat when I did not notice even on the smartphone I had to identify errors unfortunately.

Experience in correcting the PC and detecting the threats present and removed in my own innovative way looking in the guts of hazard file files demolished its activity and removed the threat, unfortunately, the anti-virus could not do unfortunately took the feedback on the program about the threats that I could send. The functionality of the program decreases its effectiveness and decreases to serious threats as well as the operation of a PC. I have your anti-virus for 10 years and I have had to block or delete many times because it has become more burdensome than the program.

2009 - 2019 nr certyfikatu: PN 114630/2009, EAV-13224046




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Unfortunately, it's difficult if not impossible to understand what you mean. Try using Google Translate to translate your post from Polish to English. Also since it's Polish which slightly similar to Slovak, you can try posting in Polish as well.

What "threats" did ESET miss? How do you know they were actually threats? Did you submit them to samples[at]eset.com and were confirmed to be threats? Even then, keep in mind there's nothing like 100% malware detection and ESET is an excellent AV. There have been many users who started using ESET because they got hit by ransomware when using another AV. Also ESET is often the only AV (or one of the other two-three) to detect new script malware injected in legitimate websites.

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