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Recycle Bin Bug Issue

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OK... So I had removed my trial version of ESET a couple months ago... or maybe it was just over a month...

Anyways long story short... I was doing some maintenance on the cpu... and I used a program that does a lot of fixes that are basically just Microsoft Cmd line stuff etc... And one of the stupid moves I made was to Reset UAC and Permissions, which is what I think is the possible root cause of some of my problem... 

I tried a restore from a backup reg made before the changes were made.. and all the files and altered data is stored for restoration if need be...  But it didnt work as I was hoping for... 

So I end up with this corrupted Bin... and well some other registry issues because I reset permissions on the system... and ....

I have this folder I recovered out of the Bin... that I think came from program Files or Data... because the ones in AppData Local and Roaming are still there... 

I guess it could be from LocalLow but...regardless.... Since IM unsure Im leaving it on the desktop...

I sw another person's post and mention of them not seeing the Recyle Bug in a long time... But I didnt check how old that post was...  So Im wondering...

Will ESET Cleanup Tool or whatever take care of this thing for me?... or should I reinstall... or TRY to reinstall considering the trail is over... and I stil have allthese files and folders... and quarantined items...  I figured those would be removed with the program itself... And is there... or could you point me to the registry area(s) I need to go to to get rid of this file and others IF the Cleaner cant do the job ?  

What should I do?...

Thx for your time and any help with this matter...

Also I do know I have some disk volume errors...which Came to light when running maintenance.. So I think thats cause of most issues... but wondering if this is, or will also be a continuing issue to deal with when Im done...

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OK so everything is fine. Now Im just wondering about the original left over ESET files and Folders...  

Can I just manually delete them?.. Or should I use one of the ESET programs for removal of everything?.. Registry entries etc...?

It wasnt me messing up the registry, as I restored and then re-applied changes a couple times to test and check... It was just a bad sector or section of the HD... So Its time I look into backing up the data on this HD to be safe.

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Did you install ESET Online Scanner or a trial version of another product? Normally the product should uninstall completely.

Also I would appreciate letting us know why you are uninstalling ESET. You merely wanted to fix the above mentioned issue and now you're returning to your AV that you may have a license for?

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