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ESET vs Kaspersky again


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Working remotely on a business client that needed updates, scans, maintenance like defrag etc.


Kaspersky Endpoint vs ESET


Another client to suggest switching to ESET Endpoint.


Found 2 computers running trojans.


Attached is one screenshot taking from one of the workstations.




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As reassuring as the screenshot is, every anti-virus will miss a virus at some point in time.

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It missed 2 actually; different types.

The other workstation screen isn't necessary.


NO AV is perfect, but shall i bring up the fact that ESET has never missed an in-the-wild virus. Which no other vendor can say ? :)


Lets also add in potentially unwanted apps, that no other vendor has taken a stand on like ESET, adding not 2, but 14+ threats found between the two workstations.

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