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Hello, I have just activated my business license and right away i am noticing performance degradation on windows 10 1809 64bit desktops. Copying files over network share via 10Gbit Ethernet has dropped from my usual 450+ MB/s (using only one SSD drive) to just 60+ MB/s, add to it the desktop lags and sometimes freezes while copying and i'll have to wait until its done. Also if i remote into one of the desktops (Windows 10 to Windows 10), I get very poor performance with stuttering. For the time being I have uninstalled business edition v7 and went back to nod32 antivirus v12, as this was the only solution to make the behavior go away. Please can anyone share thoughts about this issue and possible fix !

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Did the issue manifest when copying files between two Windows 10 workstations? What exact version of Endpoint was installed on the machines? The latest one is 7.1.2045. Did you use default Endpoint settings? What type of files did you copy? Was it mainly binaries (executables, dlls, ...) or documents, multimedia files, etc?

Endpoint v7.1 is based on the latest v12 so there should be basically no difference in terms of performance. Could you reproduce the issue and provide the following stuff from both ones?
- ELC logs
- aligned Procmon logs from the time of issue reproduction (should be generated on both machines at the same time when the issue occurs)

Also try pausing real-time protection on either machine and let us know when the issue disappears.

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