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  1. i can not confirm that, our Clients Reports as usual.
  2. Similar i posted at Still not fixed ...
  3. 5. https://forum.eset.com/topic/16667-eset-endpoint-av-70-desktop-stuttering-at-file-copy/
  4. Hello, today i noticed in ESMC our License is gone (not more in the list). Last week all was ok. and i cant add our License Number again:
  5. i have now deinstalled Business Endpoint AntiVirus 7.0 and installed Home Antivirus 11.2 Trial -> no stuttering and file Transfer also faster (+20mb/s). Something is wrong with Business Endpoint AntiVirus 7.0
  6. Nothing in Event Viewer. Why is this here unsafe or Dropbox safer for a Text-Log-File?
  7. Hmm i think that was only a temporary effect, my experiences after further testing are at copying large files to Client (Synology is at latest Software 6.2, Windows 10 at latest 1803): - Synology with SMB2 or SMB3 and Eset: stuttering - Synology with SMB2 or SMB3 and Defender: no stuttering - Server 2016 and Eset: no stuttering -> Conclusion: something goes wrong in combination with Eset and Synology SMB sharing ...
  8. ok i found the Problem: our Synology-NAS was the cause, after changing a smb-setting the stuttering went away. Thanks anyway for support.
  9. Here is the procmon log file, the stuttering starts a few secounds after copying a large file from a Network share to local hard disk. There is no Problem in the other direction (from local to Network share). Logfile.zip
  10. That cant be unlikely the reason because the problem still exists if everything is disabled (look posts above).
  11. Sorry this doesnt help (both Drivers renamed), same stuttering again (but Problem starts a few secounds later).
  12. No. this disables Eset Endpoint, reactivate Windows Defender but stuttering still exists.
  13. we have weird Problems with the new Update: if i copy large Files from a Network share to a local Harddisk the System gets repeated unresponsible for short times. In any previous Endpoint Version this dont happened. Testet on 3 different Windows 10 (1803) Systems. Disabling all Protections in AV-Settings doesnt Change this behavior, only Deinstallation of Endpoint restored the normal behavior. Any Suggestions?
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