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  1. Thanks Marcos. WIll keep an eye out for that. What about ESMC client v7.0.447.0 (eg the other half of my question)? Is that OK, or does that need a newer version for compatibility with next MacOS version too? Might be worth an overview help page which has compatibility for all ESET products and lists the minimum versions that will work with next MacOS without problems. That way we can see at a glance the latest status, (eg currently wait for the next product version) and then when that product is released, it will state the exact version that is minimum required. Otherwise each time a new version comes out, we will be left asking the same question over and over again (in the forums and on phone to support etc), asking is this the version the one that works, or are we still waiting (eg like the change from v6.8 to v6.9). Thanks Mike
  2. A Mac user is still getting the same warning on Eset Endpoint AntiVirus v6.9.60.0 I assumed this would be fixed in the v6.9 product line, as you said it would be fixed in the next version after v6.8 (or do you mean the v7 product line?) Equally, whilst I'm assuming that the warning is coming from Eset Endpoint, I guess there is an equal chance it is coming from the ESMC client (which is on v7.0.447.0). Any info on what are the minimum versions of both Endpoint and ESMC client are required for use with the next version of MacOS would be much appreciated.
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