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  1. Thanks Marcos. Could you please provide me some info, where the beta will be available?
  2. Dear Eset, there is no firewall working on Big Sur. This page provides details: https://support.eset.com/en/news7604-eset-support-of-macos-11-big-sur First firewall was promised in December 2020. Then in January. Now you changed it to March 2021. I just wanted to ask. Is this a joke, or real date? When will Eset have working firewall on Big Sur? Are you gonna move it to June 2029 next time, or....?
  3. Also thank you for explaing me current situation with other AV products. However, I pay for Eset, not other AVs so this information not relevant for me. Would you kindly tell me an expected time, when the firewall is going to work? Thank you and have a nice day.
  4. Marcus, thank you for your response. But excuse me, where did you issue a warning? On that forum? A am a user, I am not keeping an eye on technical forums of all my applications all day long. Eset application itself showed me no warning at all. If it did, I would not upgrade to Big Sur.
  5. Shame, shame. How come company like ESET can even afford this amateur approach! I upgraded to Big Sur, I was left with unusalbe firewall. I paid for a functioning product, not this joke.
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