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  1. vanroy

    ESMC V7.2

    Hello Martin, the issue is on safari, Google chrome works fine, Best
  2. Hi, @Marcos @Peter Randziak ESMC v7.2 bug? Where is reports templates? Best
  3. @Marcos hello, i need desactivate device with license ID 3AJ-BJA-VEE. On licence manager verification email not send Antivirus was reinstalled Best
  4. Hello, ESET Endpoint Security for macOS Version: 6.8.400.0 is ready for Catalina 10.15.4 legacy system extension (KEXTs)?
  5. Hey in the installation of EEi certificates step 2 . Select Enterprise inspector Console in the product selector is correct? step 3 . DNS name of the server is necessary? or instructions https://help.eset.com/eei/1/en-US/gui_server_installation.html what is correct? IMPORTANT In ESMC Server Settings enable Advanced security in the Connection section before creating a certificate. By default certificates created by ESMC use * (an asterisk) as a hostname (wildcard certificate). EEI does not support such certificates. The user needs to use the real hostname of EEI Server. Mandatory parameters for creating Peer Certificate are: •Product: "Enterprise Inspector Server" •Host: Use a real IP Address of the EEI Server Best
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