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  1. Hi Cloud Communication module 1122 is only for EES 8.1 or all Business solutions for windows?
  2. Hello, @Marcos Same issue on multiples clients 8.1 not firewall, not proxy, not blocking any traffic. What is the solutions? Best
  3. Hello, only on 2 update servers but 20-200 endpoints notifications intermittently . Is problem. best
  4. Hello, See https://help.eset.com/efsw/7.3/en-US/idh_config_update_source.html Program component update Auto-update mode restarts your server automatically after the component update has been completed. this sounds bad for servers in production!
  5. I've already tried all that
  6. Hello, Have issue with my.eset.com not load, after login Test with diferente ISP, different accounts, different dispositive. but on other region or mobile is work Any idea?
  7. Hello Martin, the issue is on safari, Google chrome works fine, Best
  8. Hi, @Marcos @Peter Randziak ESMC v7.2 bug? Where is reports templates? Best
  9. @Marcos hello, i need desactivate device with license ID 3AJ-BJA-VEE. On licence manager verification email not send Antivirus was reinstalled Best
  10. The problem is CA certificate used to sign ESMC's certificate is a Valid To date of 2037 Certificates with a Valid To date of 2037 or later are not supported. It is not possible to parse a date variable from the Certification Authority on macOS.
  11. I generated a new CA certificate and peer certificate agent with date 2030, but no work. CA certification authority not trusted? "CN=Server Certification Authority;C=US;" This is original certification authority and work with agent windows
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