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  1. Hello Martin, the issue is on safari, Google chrome works fine, Best
  2. Hi, @Marcos @Peter Randziak ESMC v7.2 bug? Where is reports templates? Best
  3. @Marcos hello, i need desactivate device with license ID 3AJ-BJA-VEE. On licence manager verification email not send Antivirus was reinstalled Best
  4. The problem is CA certificate used to sign ESMC's certificate is a Valid To date of 2037 Certificates with a Valid To date of 2037 or later are not supported. It is not possible to parse a date variable from the Certification Authority on macOS.
  5. I generated a new CA certificate and peer certificate agent with date 2030, but no work. CA certification authority not trusted? "CN=Server Certification Authority;C=US;" This is original certification authority and work with agent windows
  6. I generated a new CA certificate and peer certificate agent with date 2030, but no work, the agent for mac is not comunicate on the console ESMC. The question is, Is necessary create a new peer server certificate with date example 2030? I THINK will affects my windows agents communications
  7. In the case of peer certificate only agent certificate is necesary? or also server certificate with date 2030 is necessary ?
  8. Hello, For resolve this only can create new certificate authority with date for example 2030? Certificates with validity ending after year 2037 are not supported on Mac OS X. It is not possible to parse a date variable from the Certificate Authority on Mac OS X. The Agent cannot connect, because OS X cannot accept the Certificate Authority.
  9. Hello, ESET Endpoint Security for macOS Version: 6.8.400.0 is ready for Catalina 10.15.4 legacy system extension (KEXTs)?
  10. Hello Marcos, I Send email at samples[at]eset.com, What is the response time? Best
  11. Hello Marcos, it's possible decrypted files of Scarab-Bomber Ransomware? https://id-ransomware.blogspot.com/2018/06/scarab-bomber-ransomware.html
  12. Error apache proxy is for firewall block? Mon Sep 24 21:49:53.248115 2018] [proxy:error] [pid 15417] [client ip:62805] AH00898: DNS lookup failure for: update.eset.com returned by hxxp://update.eset.com/eset_upd/ep6.6/dll/update.ver[Mon Sep 24 21:49:53.442486 2018] [proxy:error] [pid 15381] [client ip:65085] AH00898: DNS lookup failure for: update.eset.com returned by hxxp://update.eset.com/ep6.6-dll-rel-sta/mod_002_engine_38834/em002_64_l2.dll.nup Any news?
  13. you can analyze this logs the 2 pc affected w/ this error https://we.tl/t-hpguFgT16n
  14. Mmm we use msi installer from download eset.com Same error
  15. ESET Endpoint Security versión 6.6.2089.1. and Endpoint Security versión 7.0.2073.1 yes both way, software installation task and attempting to create all-in-one installer
  16. Hello, Downloading updates by EES v6.6 or 7 – customers are recieving error: „File is corrupted” connection from OVA appliance proxy or direct internet result same error any ideas for solved?
  17. https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/va_upgrade_migrate.html
  18. Server 2008 is not supported to install the ESMC server on it, please check this table (row for server)https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/windows.html
  19. File is corrupted search in eset forum on 2 macOS X safari trojan alert?
  20. Hey in the installation of EEi certificates step 2 . Select Enterprise inspector Console in the product selector is correct? step 3 . DNS name of the server is necessary? or instructions https://help.eset.com/eei/1/en-US/gui_server_installation.html what is correct? IMPORTANT In ESMC Server Settings enable Advanced security in the Connection section before creating a certificate. By default certificates created by ESMC use * (an asterisk) as a hostname (wildcard certificate). EEI does not support such certificates. The user needs to use the real host
  21. mmm for now one device ? work another device, but install agent 6.5 and then update v7
  22. Hello, Upgrade ERA OVA 6.5 to ESMC v7 w/ beta repository work perfect. Upgrade ERA 6.5 windows to ESMC v7 manually work perfect. Upgrade agent 6.5 to agent v7 on Endpoint manually work perfect Upgrade agent 6.5 to agent v7 on Endpoint w/ Component Upgrade Task, failed error error? File already exists 'C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Data\upgrade.json'. Cannot continue with agent upgrade Delete upgrade.json' and other error Error creating 'era-updater' service (0x430): (0x430), The specified service has
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