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Auto scan setting

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5 hours ago, dossgenny said:

I have lead with a lot of problem with this auto scan option. I have found my Epson Printer In Error State with the issues of not being visible to the devices. I have checked the settings as well but it is still not showing. What shall I do to make it visible?

I don't think this is related to automatic device scanning; typically a printer does not have a flash disk with a file system where you can store files. Does temporarily uninstalling ESET make any difference at all? Did you try disabling device control and webcam protection and rebooting the machine?

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If you're stating that Eset is somehow scanning your Epson USB attached printer, then I would say something is wrong with the way that printer is configured in Windows.

I have a HP USB Laser printer  attached to my PC, and Eset never scans it at system start up time

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