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You fully ruined the scanning system.

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I had a suspicion a week ago. Now I do not doubt it. Over the years I have scanned the "C" drive every night and always approximately know how long it takes. But last week something changed. Scanning began to take 10 minutes less time. You could not improve the scanning algorithm so much, especially since I use In-depth scan option. Only one conclusion. This can be achieved only if the program began to ignore files with certain extensions. This is the only logical explanation for this behavior. What is it? Another marketing ploy to improve your performance in scanning speed in some synthetic tests to the harm of the real protection of your users computers? You know that in the first place protection of users computers should be for you, and in second place is your income. Right?

Moreover, explain why manual scanning of a folder of several tens of gigabytes began to take less than a minute? But that's not all. The following scans of the same folder take 1-2 seconds. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I know what you answer. Unable to reproduce. You always say so until dozens of messages from angry users appear and then you concede the problem. For several years I have already found many bugs in your products and reported to the support service. But to no avail. Complete disregard or attempts to accuse the user of incompetence. Nothing more.

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First of all, please respect the principles of etiquette and keep the tone of the discussion polite and civil as required by our forum's rules.

Also please refrain from making conclusions without investigating the issue  first. Have you already raised a ticket for your local customer care and gave them a chance to check logs necessary for investigation?

To start off, please provide:
- ELC logs
- A Procmon log from a scan
- Step-by-step instructions of what you did, what was the actual and expected result. If possible, create a demonstration video too.

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