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EES firewall EDNS support


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Just tested with nslookup -type=TXT rs.dns-oarc.net. seems everything is ok:


Non-authoritative answer:
rs.dns-oarc.net canonical name = rst.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net
rst.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net       canonical name = rst.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net
rst.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net canonical name = rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net
rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net   text =

        " DNS reply size limit is at least 4090"
rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net   text =

        " sent EDNS buffer size 4096"
rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net   text =

        "Tested at 2019-01-26 16:15:01 UTC"

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