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Antitheft - cannot see new device

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Hi all

I have added a new licence for a new laptop.  Everything installed easily enough and antitheft is enabled.  But - this new device is not visible on my.eset - antitheft.  I have tried to disable antitheft but it will not allow me to enter my email address to complete this process.  What do I need to do to get antitheft  working and the association complete?



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Hello Cindyana,

I will make a try here for you as you have not had a response for some time. Maybe some more details will help generate an answer or direction to get one.

Please let us know the OS system of the affected unit, also the version of ESET installed (whole version number example -

When you did your install and activated anti-theft were you successful at entering your details (username and password) in the GUI  as in this screen shot?

What happened when you hit sign in?


If your internet connection was up this should have registered your unit at myeset , it has been some time since I did this step so memory is fuzzy. I do remember not having much trouble.

Hope your answers can generate some assistance for you -- ebill


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