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Web Protection behaviour on different browsers


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I test an EMOTET Download link and after that i'm not sure if i get all configurations to be protected or missed some configuration in ESET

1. Internet Explorer --> Seems to be protected with the network protection
2. Chrome --> It seems to me that chrome is blocking the download before ESET comes in the game
3. Firefox --> Let me decide to download or open the file. So i try to download the file, but then firefox told me that the file is infected

So after that i'm not sure what will happen to this if chrome and/ or firefox think the file is clean - will then the network protection of ESET come into the ring?

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You might want to review this article on how Emotet is spread: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA18-201A 


Emotet is disseminated through malspam (emails containing malicious attachments or links) that uses branding familiar to the recipient; it has even been spread using the MS-ISAC name.

Use an e-mail client and configure it to disable active content and not automatically open e-mail attachments. Also Eset will scan all the incoming e-mail prior to arrival on your hard disk. Or, go to the extreme and configure the e-mail client to only receive e-mail in text format such as I do.

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Thanks for your reply, but this is not the problem or question at this moment.

There is no .doc in the email, just a link to .doc file and i wonder a little bit about the different behavior of the three different browsers in combination with ESET

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