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  1. da_yoshman

    ESET AVR can't remove Trend Micro OfficeScan

    Update (i'm not sure if it is better to Quote/ Edit) --> I rerun my test with AiO package from ESMC and it seems to work The formerly stucking machine (Win10) works, but it takes a long time to finish. The second test with Win7 also works and was noticeable faster ... Conclusion for me is that i have to move from ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7.x 😕
  2. da_yoshman

    ESET AVR can't remove Trend Micro OfficeScan

    Good morning from germany I made a test with the following construction and was semi successful --> I download and setup the ESMC Server Appliance and generate an AiO; manual execution show me to remove Trend Micro OfficeScan 12.0.5147 so i decided to try it silent with the parameters --silent --accepteula. It removes Trend Micro successfully, but than stuck So i killed the ntrmv.exe after waiting 30min and installation of ESET EAA continues ... First question --> Why it stucks? Second question --> I try to remove Trend Micro in the same way using the ntrmv.exe, but without success Are there special parameters or so you are using?
  3. da_yoshman

    ESET AVR can't remove Trend Micro OfficeScan

    Here are my answers 1. Installed Trend Micro Versions including number of installations --> 11.0.4664 = 1; 11.0.4778 = 1; 12.0.1406 = 1; 12.0.1429 = 2; 12.0.1576 = 29; 12.0.1708 = 1; 12.0.4613 = 27; 12.0.5147 = 1.142 2. I stopped the parallel deployment of ESET RAA because sometimes the groups/ rules/ ... in ERA are not working 100% and it installs ESET EAV although Trend Micro is still installed 3. And if i remember right, at one point in the past i successfully remove Trend Micro with the ThirdParty-Uninstall in ERA and then suddenly it seems stop working?! 4. Is it right that is not possible at the moment to run the standalone-AVR silent? 5. So i have to really think about upgrading to V7 and then give it a try or maybe you can generate a AiO from V7 and i try it with one of my Trend Micro Installations?
  4. da_yoshman

    ESET AVR can't remove Trend Micro OfficeScan

    @MichalJ At the moment i'm still using ERA 6.5, because i'm afraid of updating to v7 There were and are 500+ on the existing ERA 6.5 Installation and i "only" want to add the other 1.000+ which are using Trend Micro at the moment
  5. I'm in the process of migrating 1.000+ Clients from Trend Micro OfficeScan to ESET and at the moment it is nearly impossible to remove Trend Micro in an easy way The only working way at the moment is to trigger an uninstallation from the webinterface of Trend Micro Because all the silent things with ntremove are not working for me So i created an AiO with AVR, but the included AVR doesn't remove Trend Micro because it is unsupported. So i tried the standalone AVR and this version can remove the Trend Micro - but how combine these to things? Or is it possible to use the AVR with silent parameters? Because then i can first remove Trend Micro with the standalone AVR and after that install the AiO ... PS: Wanna do all these things with PDQ