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  1. Yes i mean exactly this, but also viewing the log in eshell showed nothing
  2. Hi Marcos, it seems that i found the solution myself During my investigation i found that the protocol shows no entries for hips. But the logfile for hips was over 1mb and still updated/ growing ... I tried to empty the logfile with no success, also using eshell to clear the log was not successful So i booted in safe mode and delete the whole file and after booting in normal mode the file was recreated and updated and i see entries in the logviewer and i can clear the logfile AND most important - ESET is only checking every hour for updates 😎
  3. Hi, it's me again with another question I noticed that my clients are checking for updates every ten seconds, even if i disable all planned tasks ... OS ist 2008R2 and these are provisioned servers (Citrix PVS 6.1/ XenApp 6.5) Kind regards from Germany Steffen
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