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  1. da_yoshman

    Creating Dynamic Group - help needed (ERA 6.5)

    I mean i tried your way before posting and it didn't work, but now everything is fine ... Thanks for your support
  2. I need some help or hints for creating dynamic groups ... At the moment i have a mix of Trendmicro + Kaspersky + ESET and want to do something like a soft migration to ESET. So i try to create a dynamic group with an AND to filter clients which have neither Trendmicro nor Kaspersky installed. But is it not working For me it seems that the combination of two different installed software is not working as i expected
  3. Since - i don't know exactly - the Realtime Protection is disabled auf rebooting Windows ... Activation with the GUI works then with no problems I'm using Endpoint Antivirus 6.6.2078.5 on Windows Version 10.0.17134.191 (1803) Kind regards from hot Germany