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Remote locations vs packet repository

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I'm still dealing with the same error as in this thread (I'd resurrect it, but it's probably too old to post):

Maybe I'm missing something about the configuration of remote locations.

- The agent successfully installs at first try 95% of the times (2 stubborn clients remain, out of 120 deployments. Only 10 to 15 deployments required more than 1 attempt or taking direct control of the PC)
- All the remote servers except one were updated via ESMC task (upgrade ESET products)
- Upgrading clients yields a lot of "packet repository" errors (like 18 fails out of 20 upgrades)
- The ESMC server is set to AUTOSELECT
- The "Allow automatic restart" flag is not an option because updates will be pushed whenever the clients are available, and this means mostly during working hours
- Some clients at the main site will not upgrade, because they are connected to WiFi links set to very low bandwidths (these links are supposed to handle handheld devices for Whatsapp and similar services, but employees like to use them for laptops and then complain about slow network performance). Are there recommendations or guidelines regarding low bandwidth or link interruptions?

Thank you for your input

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  • ESET Staff

Error "Failed to synchronize repository" means that client is not able to download metadata files from ESET repository servers.

My recommendation is to upgrade clients either manually or from your own storage (internal HTTP server or shared disk), i.e. follow steps as if clients are in offline environment. We are planing improvements in download mechanisms for future release, where download with continuation after interrupted connection should be used, but It won't help in case client is failing to download metadata (~3MB), as installers are much larger...

Could you also verify that repository.eset.com is resolved on problematic clients (comand: nslookup repository.eset.com) to IP address  91.228.*? Especially in case they are located in EU.

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Thanks MartinK

I do have some local server/NAS box at each remote location so it should be feasible to apply your suggestion.

The command returns:

nslookup repository.eset.com
Server:  FQDN of our main DNS server
Address:  our main DNS server address

Risposta da un server non autorevole:
Nome:    repo.wip.eset.com
Aliases:  repository.eset.com

which seems good to me

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