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Do settings in partners ELA portal propagate to licenses added to that portal?

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Background: We have a login to ESET License Administrator for our company; within this 'Portal' we add our customers ESET licenses (Unit Distribution -> Request Unit Distribution -> Enter Public ID of customers license), the customer approves the request from within their ELA portal and the unit distribution is added. This allows us to synchronise these licenses with our ESMC to be able to remotely activate products etc. All good no problem there.

My question is specifically to do with settings propagation. Are the settings I apply in our ELA portal (such as "Automatically deactivate units not connected to ESET License Administrator in last X days") applied to unit distributions that are connected to our portal or do they all need to be set individually.

Specifically, if I set the "Automatically deactivate units not connected to ESET License Administrator in last X days" to 21 in our ELA portal, will this apply to our customers unit distributions also or do we need to manually set this within each of their ELA portals?

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  • ESET Staff

It will apply to all seats that were activated using the security admin account. Meaning, only the ones you have access to. To determine that, you have to inspect individual unit distributions, and check whether you have "check-boxes" next to them. If yes - you can manage them. If they were activated by either another security admin account, or by license key, you won´t be able to control them.

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